How Onsite Corporate Massage Therapy Can Benefit Your Company

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Promoting the overall well-being of your team and staff is a priority to many companies. A taken care of team makes a company or organization move like a well-oiled machine. Many companies struggle to effectively do this, as every employee has different needs. Corporate Massage Therapy has recently become more popular amongst companies and organizations to help promote the physical well-being employees and prevent strains on the body that come from every day tasks.


So, how do you know if Corporate Massage Therapy is right for your team?

We understand how the idea of a “massage” in the workplace may cause an employer to be a little skeptical. Due to the belief that massages are associated with sleepiness. However, we promise your team won’t spend an entire workday snoozing at their desks. A benefit of massage therapy is that it actually causes people to feel more refreshed, awake and increases productivity. Investing in periodic onsite massage sessions for your team will have your team going back to work more relaxed, with a clear mind and feeling invigorated.


What are the benefits of Onsite Corporate Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is a great team-building experience and helps each employee feel valued. The process of massage therapy beneficial to companies and organizations of all sectors. Corporate massage therapy is useful for both physical labour and sedentary positions. Many office jobs create a strain on the neck, back, and shoulders. The techniques used in corporate massages focus on areas of the body that are used in a workday. Such as the neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands, and even legs.

Corporate massage therapy also provides stress relief. Stress-related illness is one of the highest contributors to disability claims and sick days in the workplace. Taking the approach of periodic massage therapy has proven to reduce the number of sick days employees take. Using this method can also decrease the number of work-related injuries due to muscle strain.


Why Onsite Massage Therapy?

By choosing onsite massage therapy, you are providing the convenience of a spa right inside your workplace. This makes more periodic massage therapy sessions more convenient and accessible for your team. From small business to large corporations, Coastal Bliss Mobile Spa Services brings massage therapy right to your workplace. 

Book Your Calgary Corporate Massage Session Today

Coastal Bliss’s highly trained massage therapists provide quality services for teams looking to improve productivity through corporate massages. For more information on onsite corporate massage therapy in Calgary, visit our corporate services page. If you’re ready to book an onsite massage therapy session for your team, visit our booking page.

Better Beauty – Sanitizing Your Makeup Ritual

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4 Tips on a Clean and Sanitary Makeup Application

Is it important to keep your makeup kit clean and sanitary even if you’re the only one who uses it?

This question is often posed to us by our clients and the answer is always YES.

Makeup cleaning and sanitary application procedures are always necessary when applying makeup, even on your own skin. Skin breakouts can occur as well as nasty infections if proper sanitary makeup application precautions are not taken.


Read on for some of our top tips on how to better your beauty routine and save your skin from bad makeup habits.


  1. Use a Palette Knife or Spatula to scoop out emollient, liquid, or cream based products. By removing the emollient, liquid, or cream based product from its container and working from the palette knife or spatula, you are avoiding contaminating your product’s container. Bacteria can form rapidly on wet product! Yuck! You can also remove the product and place on a Stainless Steel Palette if you need more space to work from. These tools can be sanitized by wiping with 9o% Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
  1. Wipe your powder products with a tissue after each use. Bacteria has a hard time getting its act together on dry products. Stop bacteria in its track by wiping down the first layer of your powder products, eye shadows and powder compacts, with a dry tissue. By doing this, you are removing any oil that has settled on the top of your product, thus circumventing the possibility of oil collecting on the product and producing harmful bacteria.
  1. Wash your brushes each and every night, or after each use. Yes ladies, I know it’s a little time consuming but your face will thank you! You can use baby shampoo, massage the shampoo through the bristles, like you would wash your own hair. Rinse thoroughly and lay flat on a paper towel to dry overnight. To speed up drying, place a fan near the brushes. Follow this procedure and your brushes will be dry in the morning! Avoid blow-drying with a hair dryer because this can make the bristles more brittle over time.
  1. Mascara should be discarded every 6 weeks. For those of you who purchase the “ultimate” in mascaras, which costs $20+ dollars, this may not be what you want to hear. But think of it this way, you will avoid eye infections that can be caused by older mascara.

Developing effective makeup hygiene habits takes a little extra time and effort but with a little practice and with the limitless resources available on the internet, you can easily avoid the cardinal sins of applying makeup and sleep better at night knowing your skin is safe.

What is Thalassotherapy?

Coastal Bliss Day Spa

We bring the experience of the coast to you from decor to products to music.

Do you have the post-Christmas blahs? Feeling tired and stressed? Fed up with the bitter cold winter and what it does to your skin? All it takes is a phone call or an e-mail to Coastal Bliss Day Spa and we’ll bring the coastal experience to you!

Our technician will be at your doorstep on time with all she needs for your beauty treatment, including décor, music and products.  As you prepare to be pampered, she will convert your living space into a relaxing, beautiful environment with soothing instrumental music that includes sounds of nature to give you the impression you are by the sea. Just shut your eyes and let the magic begin on your journey to a revitalized you!

Not only do we create a coastal atmosphere for you, we also incorporate thalassotherapy products in our services. What is thalassotherapy? Thalassotherapy is the use of seawater, sea products and shore climate as a form of therapy. The properties of seawater are believed to be beneficial for the pores of the skin.

So you see, the coastal experience we bring to you is not only environment related, but also included in our spa treatments to give you true coastal bliss! Contact us today to bring the coast to you leaving you refreshed and glowing!



Introducing: Mobile Spa Services

Calgary Mobile Spa Services

Calgary Mobile Spa ServicesThe world is choosing mobile services, the new innovation. It’s why we as a mobile spa are on trend. When we think of mobile services, we think of convenience, low cost and speedy service. New technology and the internet have vastly changed the world we live in, in particular with how we act as consumers. We order products on line and can have it in our hot little hands the next day!

Using a mobile spa service is truly unique and 100% for the consumer’s satisfaction; which is why it’s becoming a fast-growing trend. Imagine the homemaker, the day full of errands, chores, child caregiving and probably doing all this with lack of sleep. How convenient would it be for her to schedule a manicure, facial, massage or the full beauty treatment to have done at her own home! No need to hire a babysitter, no need for transportation, no waiting for the next client to be done! The friendly, professional technician arrives and transforms some home space into a relaxing, beautiful home spa with soothing music and calm atmosphere! Moments of bliss at her convenience and in the comfort of her own home!

The beauty of this mobile spa service is that it can be delivered to a home, an office or events. Simply go on line or contact our office to make arrangements for our technicians to be there for your staff, a birthday party, a bachelorette, a retirement home, the locations and events are endless and guaranteed to leave everyone feeling better about themselves, feeling less stressed and more relaxed!

We also consider what products would be suited to your needs and have them readily available. It’s a win-win for the client in every aspect! Book now to have us deliver a certified technician, products and spa services to your door!

Manis and Pedis!

calgary mobile spa manicure

calgary mobile spa manicureConsidering how much our hands and feet go through on a daily basis, having regular manicures and pedicures just makes sense. Why? Well these are some of those logical reasons:

  • to identify any potential conditions that may need medical attention
  • to keep the skin smooth, moisturized and healthy
  • to increase overall happiness and improve mental health
  • to look and feel darn amazing all the time!

Whether you are at home all day, doing outdoor activities or out in the workforce, your hands and feet deserve some tender loving care too! Just imagine how many things your hands touch, the different surfaces, different temperatures, not to mention all the hand washing that is part of the daily routine. Look at your hands now, are they dry or wrinkly? Are you nails nicely trimmed, shiny and clean? Are you a nail biter? Surely once your hands and nails are manicured, you are not going to want to chew on them!

Think how nice it would be to slip a manicure into your routine, take the time to sit down, relax and pamper your hard working hands!

Though your hands work hard, your feet are the work horse of our body! They carry us through all our activities, keep our balance, and rush us around when we need to be somewhere quickly! Our feet can take up to 10,000 steps a day. To avoid corns, bunions, or fungal problems, a regular exfoliation is highly recommended. Keeping your nails nice and trimmed properly also avoids the chance of infection as well as foot odour!

How often should you get a mani/pedi? Well that depends on your lifestyle and your daily activities. If you are outdoorsy, working full time, or extremely active, every 2 weeks is recommended. Otherwise a monthly mani/pedi is suggested. Getting regular manicures and pedicures is guaranteed to increase your overall happiness, promote good mental and physical health and add some relaxation into your routine. Not to mention that warmer weather is around the corner and now is the time to prepare your body!

Sign up now for your regular mani/pedi, you won’t regret it! Trust me.

Why choose a mobile spa? Well, let me tell you:

Experience Mobile Spa Bliss

Mobile spa services like ours are perfect for today’s busy professionals and stay at home parents or, yes, just because you want to!

We are a 5 star quality service!!

The spa is about being lazy and relaxed, what better place to feel totally relaxed than in your own home, on your time, working around your schedule – we bring everything spa to you! Sounds blissful, yes?

Invite us to your office for a one of a kind holiday treat for your hard working employees. That little something is the gift that keeps on giving they will appreciate you for appreciating them – which will only lead to improved morale! Our massage is an easy crowd favourite! We also offer nail and beauty services and packages for a unique holiday gift.

Here is the best part:
We provide better pricing than our leading competitor while delivering the highest quality service with a highly skilled technician right to you!

So, why mobile spa?

Great quality, great price, luxurious, and on your time. Yes, please.

Trip to Campbell River

campbell river spa visit
Visiting our roots

Over the past weekend I had the pleasure of going back to BC – where it all began! It was raining, shocker!  I shouldn’t have been surprised: I heard it had been raining the last 60 days! Well I guess that is why it is so beautiful there, mother nature sure takes care of the WET COAST.
There is no denying the beauty of BC and the island!

Old (Happy) Clients

It was wonderful to see the happy faces of the local Coastal Bliss Clients!
How I love and appreciate our Coastal Bliss Babes (female clientele)  and Coastal Bliss Buds (male clientele).  We arrive with good energy – share a few laughs, leave uplifted, then repeat!  It was a whirlwind weekend with an appointment for each service we offer on our menu, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

New Beginnings

I am so excited to share that I was out there setting up another wonderful team member, who has joined the Coastal Bliss team of technicians!  Campbell River you will love her.

We are making our way across both provinces – why not let everyone Experience Bliss; mind, body and soul.

Back to Basics Skincare

Apprehensive to dive into a new skincare routine?  With all the new lotions and potions and machines and gizmos, and just simply not knowing where to begin, it can be overwhelming!  When it comes to skincare, we don’t complicate things.

We offer a back to basics approach to skincare. Back to the simple days – having a few simple products on your shelf, and a manageable routine. You don’t need the latest laser-electro-photo-machine to get results!

Innovation is great, but lets not forget that some things still need to be maintained!

Hey, we aren’t saying the new stuff doesn’t work or not to try anything fun and fancy – far from it! but for those of you who want to be able to have the products at home with you at a reasonable cost and still have results – you are in the right place!

I was first introduced to Seaflora in Esthetics school. Then years later carried the line with Coastal Bliss. It feels clean and fresh and you can feel the active ingredients on your skin right away and feel good knowing your skin is loving you for the new all natural ingredients you’re using. Sensitive skin? No problem. It is 100 % organic and very gentle for even the most sensitive!

Ok, so now what?

First step:

Contact us – Consult with us over the phone!  Email is great, but a real conversation can convey so much more detail

Next step:

Together we can decide if you just need to be more diligent with your existing products or maybe its time to change.  Either way our goal is to help you reach your goals!

Last step:

Set your new routine into motion!

You’ve read this far, so lets get excited, and get started!

We have a friendly esthetician waiting by the phone to answer all of your skincare needs and concerns

+1 403-818-4728